In this episode, I am talking about our frustration when we hit that dreaded weight loss plateau. We’ve all been there—initial success, feeling unstoppable, and then BAM, the scale stops moving. But here’s the rub: what got you here won’t get you there. The pounds come off faster when you first start your weight loss journey because it’s a shock to your system. Welp, it’s time to shock it again and decide how to uplevel what you’re doing to make it to your goal weight.

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Mentioned During This Episode

  • Address the frustration and commonality of hitting a weight loss plateau.
  • “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There”: The strategies that led to initial success might not be enough to overcome a plateau.
  • Reflect on past achievements and milestones that got you to your current point. Celebrate the journey so far.
  • Success often involves certain strategies or mindsets, but those very strategies might not be sufficient for the next level.
  • When you first start losing weight, the weight falls off faster and easier b/c it’s a shock to your system compared to how you were eating.
  • Your mindset has to evolve with your body changes. You have to uplevel your weight loss.
  • Reassess your goals.
  • What is one thing you an do today to uplevel? It’s about small changes, not all-or-nothing perfectionism.

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