This episode was originally posted on April 15, 2019. I took the day off for Memorial Day. This episode is definitely appropriate for summer, which is right around the corner!

There you are. Standing in front of your closet, clothes laying everywhere around you. You have nothing that fits…and the things that do fit? Well, you feel hella uncomfortable in them. Now you’re in tears b/c you have nothing to wear and it’s 85 degrees outside and you can’t hide away in your black leggings and boots while you sip your PSL. How is it already almost summer?!

What are you going to do? GIRL. I GOT CHU. Tune into this episode as I’m talking all about that relatable moment. It’s not about losing 10 lbs in 24 hours on some stupid detox. It’s about accepting where you are, putting on the damn shorts that fit you RIGHT now, and loving yourself through the journey…not just at the destination.

There are countless times from my past when everyone else was all “YAY, Spring is here!” Meanwhile, the only thing I could think about was cranking up the AC and hiding inside my house until it was leggings season again.

I would be so pissed off at myself for once again not losing the weight when it was finally too hot to hide in boots and leggings. The last thing I wanted to do was put on a pair of shorts and bare my big ol’ legs for the entire world to see.

Then, one summer that all changed for me. It changed because I had finally realized that waiting for the weight was a big old waste of my time. I WASTED so many summers sweating my ass off in jeans and long sleeves. Seriously.

I even have the pics to prove it where I’m wearing a SWEATER in JULY.

W. T. F.

That is not a way to live. It’s utterly miserable.

I don’t want that for you. Like, my heart hurts thinking about you feeling that way right now. Because I GET IT.

Implementing the Irresistible You framework into my life meant that I learned to love and accept my body…no matter what I weighed or where I was at on my weight loss journey.

It doesn’t matter anymore.

I don’t give a f&ck what anyone thinks of me. I care how I FEEL and I’m not about to live another hot/humid season sweating up in my jeans!

Are you dreading the warm weather? Are you terrified of putting on the shorts? Are you scared shitless of sleeveless tops?

If so, we need to change that…it’s 110% possible for you to change!

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