What is the gap between wanting weight loss more than anything in the world but going another month without any real progress? It’s like you blink and the month is over. You feel busy but not productive. You feel stressed but not accomplished. What is causing you to zone out and forget about your goals? Why would you forget about them if they are as important to you? In this episode, I’m giving you the raw truth on why you need to stop focusing on the goal and why you actually need to focus on the PROCESS.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • You’re thinking too broadly about your goals. Your too focused on the end result actually causes you to not focus on what needs to happen daily.
  • Stop focusing on just the outcome and focus on the process. It’s in the daily process where the magic happens.
  • Old way – You set a big goal. Maybe too many of them. You get really excited and then life gets in the way. You lose focus and beat yourself up. Queue the inner fat bitch.
  • Once a month or once a week goal planning isn’t enough. You need a daily check-in date with yourself.
  • Morning Magic Routine – Review your goals. Write them down again. What do you need today to feel successful? Not what you need to lose 100 lbs. What do you need today?
  • Weekly Review – what worked/what didn’t? What obstacles were in the way? What can you do better next week?

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