Everyone is chasing the fantasy that losing weight will make you happier. “If I could just lose the weight, everything will be so much easier and I’ll finally be happy!” Is it true that weight loss makes you happier? What is the real answer? It’s not a simple yes or no. If you’re chasing happiness by desperate dieting with the latest, greatest fad diet, this episode is for you! Let’s break it down!

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • How many times have you had the thought “If I lost the weight, I’d feel happier. Life would be easier.”?
  • Understand that you’ve been conditioned to believe that is true. This is one of the rules embedded into your thoughts thanks to diet culture and media that pushes a fantasy of the before and after photo. They always show the before photo and how miserable that person was…and now that they’re thin, they are magically happy and carefree! 
  • You get to decide if that is going to continue to be your story or if you’re going to break the rules and change how you view weight loss and taking ownership of your happiness.
  • The difference between happiness versus peace.
  • Desperate yo-yo dieting comes with the new car smell and that fades. You lose weight and at first it’s exciting, intoxicating even, the compliments, the attention, the ability to wear clothes you’ve never fit in before.
  • Why the weight comes back on WHEN the shit hits the fan in your life.
  • Most women lose weight for all the wrong reasons. They don’t go into with the right intentions. They go into it as a quick fix. They don’t solve WHY they got overweight in the first place.
  • The desperate diet mentality.
  • You didn’t learn the right lessons down the scale. What you did learn was:
    • How to punish yourself
    • How to conditionally love yourself
    • How to hate the “old version” of you or your before photo
    • How to stay in the “all or nothing” mindset
  • Self-love and confidence is a skill, not a circumstance. That means you can build that skill at any point in your life. It’s not dependent upon a circumstance like being a certain size or losing weight.
  • What you didn’t learn from desperate dieting was:
    • How to make mistakes along the way and how to not let a mistake mean you’re starting over on Monday.
    • How to meet yourself where you are.
    • How to be grateful and empathetic to the “old version” of your or your before photo
    • How to be comfortable in your own skin; regardless of the scale
    • How to lose weight in a way that you can maintain for the ret of your life.
    • How to be alone with your own thoughts.
  • Everyone thinks that these lessons will magically appear “just” because you lose weight.
  • You will not magically become happier because you lose weight. You will lose weight when you find peace now.
  • What you really want you say you just wanna lose weight so you can feel happy.

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