Are you carrying a heavy mental load? As women and especially as moms we have a 100 tabs open in our brain at any given time while we manage work, kids, the house ourselves, the pets, the grocery orders, and just about everything else! Did you know that it’s totally connected to emotional eating? Let’s get into it about what the mental load is, why it’s overwhelming, and how to lose some of the weight of it.

  • What is mental load?
  • The types of mental load
  • Mental load is more than just the task. It’s also the thinking and planning of the task ahead of time.
  • Why is it important to recognize it?
  • How is mental load connected to binge and emotional eating?
  • You have 100 tabs in your brain…where is the room for you?
  • Write it ALL down.
  • How can you split the load with your partner?
  • Stop asking your partner for help. They aren’t helping you. They are responsible for their part in the management of the household.

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