In the last episode, we talked about how to get honest AF with yourself about food. Now that you’ve been writing everything down that goes in your mouth, what do you do with this information? I’m going to teach you the easiest way to make changes to your diet immediately! This is a method I’ve been using in business for over 20 years! Learn all about how to apply the Start-Stop-Continue method to make real non-yo yo fad dieting changes to your food.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Diet is not being used in the sense of a BS yo-yo diet. It’s used to describe the food that you eat.
  • Last week we talked about getting honest with yourself about food. I asked you to write down everything with no inner fat bitch judgement.
  • What did you discover? What are the next steps now that you have this data?
  • There’s a method that I’ve used for over 20 years in business especially after doing a launch or big project.
  • It is called the Start-Stop-Continue Method.
  • What should I START doing?
    • These are the habits or foods that you should start doing but aren’t doing now. What are the opportunities?
  • What should I STOP doing?
    • These are the habits or foods that are not working for you and are not in support of your goals.
  • What should I CONTINUE doing?
    • These are the habits or foods that are working well and you should continue doing.
  • Why it’s important to start this process backwards to avoid inner fat bitch judgement and falling into the all or nothing trap.
  • Find 3 areas within each start-stop-continue bucket.

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