In this podcast episode, I want to share a reframing technique that you can use when you start should’ing all over yourself.  The “shoulds” are those thoughts that come up when you get in a state of panic about what you think you’re not doing. If you find yourself in a constant battle with your inner fat bitch about how you’re not good enough, turn the volume up and let’s get down to business.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • What does it mean to “should” all over yourself?
  • Listen to episode #32  – Are You Should’ing All Over Yourself?
  • How to stop should’ing all over yourself.
  • Recognize the shoulds.
  • Interrupt the pattern with this one word – could.
  • This is about being honest with yourself and holding yourself accountable.
  • It takes you out of the victim pity party mindset to feeling empowered with a choice.
    • I should have lost the weight by now.
    • I could have lost the weight by now but I chose to put myself last because I was so exhausted taking care of everyone else. 
    • I could lose the rest of my weight if I stop overeating and take accountability.

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