How many times have you sat around and waited for motivation? Looking for that magical glitter encrusted epiphany to fall out of the sky. That aha moment that is going to be THE thing that will motivate you to lose weight and create the life you crave? Girl, you’ve been doing it wrong the entire time.  You got it backwards! You can’t wait around for motivation to just show up. You need to take action in order to build motivation.

Motivation doesn’t have a long lifespan. It can not and will not sustain you. It’s not meant to. So, the minute you “fall off the wagon”, you think that something is wrong with your motivation. You spend countless hours looking for your mojo. Instead of just taking action towards what you want. That’s the other thing that you have wrong – that action has to be all or nothing. We are breaking down all the misconceptions about weight loss and motivation in this episode of Irresistible You!

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Motivation is the result of action and not the cause of it.
  • Motivation is not reliable. Action get results and gathers evidence.
  • Imperfect action alleviates anxiety.
  • Action leads to more ideas and inspiration. It awakens creativity within you.
  • Your actions show you evidence of what you can do which builds confidence which builds more motivation and momentum.
  • What is the next best step right I can take right now?
  • There is no final destination in a weight loss journey. You have to learn how to manage your emotions b/c that is not the job of motivation.
  • Start saying “I need to take action to get motivated.” instead of “I need to get motivate to take action.”
  • Done is better than perfect.
  • It is easier to take action and make the choice of feeling uncomfortable than to do nothing and continue wearing your wet blanket of misery.

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