I decided I would start rewarding myself for every 10 lbs I lose until I reach goal weight. AND not with food! There’s a new concept! LOL

I’m totally obsessed with Juicy Couture charms. I suppose it’s because they are huge, gaudy, blinged out and totally my style!! I already have a few  but I wanted to start adding more to my collection.

I made a vow to myself that I would buy myself a new charm for every 10 lbs I lose going forward until I reach goal.

Here’s my latest “Juicy Gelato” charm that I recently purchased. So, yea that means I’m down another 10 lbs. Go me! I love the little bling sparkles on top!

So far, it’s about 20 lbs total but I’ll be back soon to talk about the weight loss and how that’s been going.

Until Then!

Is there anything that you do to help motivate yourself when losing weight?