Over the Top Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween Makeup

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I am obsessed with all the cool costumes and makeup looks. It’s the one time during the year you can become someone else and go nuts with the makeup and nobody cares!

I was online trying to get some inspiration for this years costume (still a secret lol) and wanted to share these over the top Halloween makeup looks. If you want to see more ideas, check out my Halloween Pinterest Board.

Happy Hauntings!

If the image source is known it’s noted below the pic. If not and you know the original image source, let me know!

Crazy Halloween Makeup Sugar Skull


Crazy Halloween Makeup Day of the Dead Blue


Crazy Halloween Makeup Mermaid



Crazy Halloween Makeup Ghost Woman



Crazy Halloween Makeup Day Crazy Pinup Girl

Crazy Halloween Makeup Rainbow Zipper Face

Crazy Halloween Makeup Dia de Los Muertos Pinup

Crazy Halloween Makeup Queen of Hearts



  1. abigail nunn says

    i was just wondering if you could give me a tip on how you done the zip on the make up ? Thanks abby

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