5 Tips If You Are Stuck in a Style Rut


1. Take Inventory

What do you really wear in your closet? Isn’t it time to toss the acid washed jeans from 1989 that are still hanging around? I think so! Don’t hang on to things “hoping” they’ll fit one day or praying they’ll come back in style. They just clutter your closet (and your mind) causing you to lose sight of your real options.

2. Try it On!

Gasp! You mean I have to find out if I still fit into that pencil skirt? Yes! Try your clothes on. See if they still fit and if you still love them. If they don’t, toss them. Make room for new items!

Now, this is what my closet dreams are made of!
{Image Source}

3. Just Pin It!

Start an inspiration board of how you envision your style. Pinterest is a great resource. You can look for images online, pin them, and create as many boards as you like.

4. Know and Love Your Body!

Just because it fits does NOT mean it looks cute honey.

Example: Girl walks in to bank with Daisy Dukes on. Girl has extreme camel toe (eww) and the most cottage cheese I’ve ever seen in my life.

If she would’ve worn something that actually fit, she wouldn’t have looked like a cheap, fat, hooker.  Embrace your shape, your flaws, and accentuate your curves. You have to learn what works and what doesn’t. I accepted year ago, that short shorts don’t belong in my closet.

5. Only Rock It If You Love It

Just because something is in style at the moment, doesn’t mean you have to love it. It might look completely horrible on you or you just think it’s hideous. That’s ok! Don’t rock it, unless you love it!

What helps you get out of a style rut?

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”
~Coco Chanel~



  1. says

    Great advice. I’m definitely due for an inventory check… although it always seems that when I get rid of those pants I FINALLY lose the weight… right now, I’m in a pair I’ve had in the back of the closet for three years… since my clothes tend toward classic rather than trendy, it makes it hard not to ‘save”

  2. says

    I share your love for the closet that you posted. I am in a serious style rut! I have been wearing scrubs and working a lot! this combination leaves no time for shopping!Happy Sits day!

  3. says

    I sort of have the opposite problem…I get rid of clothes all the time because I don’t like how they fit anymore (like 5 times after I wear them) haha.

  4. says

    happy sits day… i am stuck in a serious style rut right now … so thanks for the tips…have to run but coming back to read more later. have a happy monday :)

  5. says

    Happy SITS day! A few months ago we had out closet built out and organized and it changed everything so much. Love having it organized and neat. I only found out about Pinterest a few days ago….love it!

  6. says

    Happy SITS day! I hope it’s a great day for you.

    Great advice. I think it’s funny how emotionally attached we get to our clothes. We can’t get rid of things even when they are no good for us. They are kind of like men.

  7. says

    That closet is half the size of my whole bedroom! I always find the change of the seasons to be a great time to go through and purge clothes. Though, there are still a few items that I just can’t seem to part with from my ‘skinny’ days!

  8. says

    Oh yea, that closet is what I’m talking about! I decided recently to get rid of all the so-so clothes that I throw on when I’m not feeling too hot, and only stock clothes i LOVE from now on, then every day I will LOVE the way I look! Who knew it was so simple? I’m still in the process (turns out I had more last resort clothes than I originally thought, which just goes to show!)

    And happy SITS day!


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