Just when I got back in the swing of things, I got knocked down with the worst cold I’ve ever had. Just last week, I was waking up early and working out every morning, eating clean, and tracking all my food.  This week? I can barely get out of bed and my head feels like I’m in a fog . . . BUT, I refuse to let that stop me from tackling my weight loss goals! Take that sickness!

How To Lose Weight When You're Sick by IrresistibleIcing.com

How Do You Stay on Track When You’re Sick?

You can still stay on track with your weight loss goals even when you’re sick. It shouldn’t be an excuse to throw all of your hard work out the window. Here are five tips that help me.

1. Do What You Can

Listen to what your body is telling you when it comes to activity. You may not be able to go as hard at the gym when you’re sick because your body is using up your energy to fight off the infection. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything. Well, unless you have the flu then I suggest you just stay in bed and get well! I’m talking about working out when you have a severe cold or allergies. It’s a double edged sword because exercise will make you feel better but if you don’t have the energy, you can’t work out. I suggest doing a light walk and see how you feel from there. The key is to do what you can and not to push yourself too hard when you’re sick. Yoga is another great workout when you’re sick.

2. Eat Clean and Healthy

I know when I’m sick the last thing I want to do is prepare all of my meals. However, it’s important to stick with healthy/clean foods so that your body gets enough energy to heal. I suggest eating fresh fruit and vegetables to help fight off infection. I love making a healthy green smoothie when I’m not feeling well or even when I feel great! The power of healing foods is real y’all! Certain fruits and vegetables can strengthen your immune system. If you don’t like eating them, try blending them into a smoothie!

3. Drink Your Points!

I hate drinking my points away. If I’m going to use points, then it better be on food! But when you’re sick you may not be able to stomach certain foods. It’s important to get in a lot of liquids when you have a cold to help flush it out of your body. Drink a lot of water and juice to help with this. I drink light Apple Juice or Trop 50 so I don’t over do it with points. Eating soup is another way to stay full and get liquids in. Progressive and Campbell’s have a lot of of healthy, low point options!

Healthy Balance is my favorite Apple Juice! An 8 ounce glass is zero points!

Healthy Balance Apple Juice

4. If You Bite It, Write It / If You Drink It, Ink It

Being sick isn’t an excuse not to journal everything you eat or drink. Continue to update your points tracker so that you can stay within your daily points range.

5. Get Enough Rest

Rest is crucial to healing your body! If you’re fatigued and you’re in a place where you can rest, then get some rest! The more rest you can get the quicker your body can recover and get back to those hare core workouts!

I’m off to the store to get ingredients to make chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches! Hopefully this cold is on its way out soon! What helps you stay on track with your weight loss goals when you’re sick?

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♥ In case you missed it, here are my weekly weight loss measurements and progress pictures.

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♥ Demi Lovato Basically Rolls Her Eyes at Latest Nude Photo Scandal

♥ I’m loving this plus size outfit idea for Spring that I found on Pinterest!

Spring Plus Size Outfit

♥  From Paper n Stitch Blog, DIY Ombre and Color Blocked Donuts. Yes, donuts! 

DIY Ombre Donuts

♥  Anyone up for a Unicorn Party? Yes, please! 

♥ Over at Irresistible Pet’s this week, DIY Pet Grooming Kit.



After a 2 week hiatus of posting my weekly progress pics and measurements, I’m back!

In one of my last posts, I wrote about my frustration with the process where I admitted I have not been giving it 120% each and every day. Some days were 80%, some 100%, and others 50%. Well, when you give half ass effort, you get half ass results.

This week, I recommitted to myself that it’s now or never. I either push through the pain of eating smaller portions and working out or live with the pain of feeling miserable in my own skin which I just can’t do anymore. My weight loss has to be my number one priority over everything and everyone. I get that now. I have to take the time each day to make sure that is above everything I’m doing. I’ve been waking up early, getting my work out in, and eating right.

Here are this week’s progress pictures and measurements. I’m proud to say that this week’s measurements are all in the green! I had to blur out my face in my progress pics because I was looking a hot mess as this was right after my morning jog!

Weekly Measurements

Week 11 Weight Loss Progress Pics IrresistibleIcing.com

Weight loss is a process and it takes time. Everyone’s journey is going to look and feel different and that’s OK! There’s so much more to it than just measuring inches and pounds lost. It’s also about measuring your mental and emotional changes. Just like the Are You Addicted to the Food or the Ritual” post, I noticed something that I was doing subconsciously. The victory is that now I can recognize the behavior and decide to make a positive choice.

I recommitted myself this week and completed week one of the couch to 5K program. I’ve signed up to run my second 5K this October, so I have something to help motivate me. If you want it hard enough, commit to yourself to get it done. No matter what it takes! Go hard or go home!!!!


“Commitment is an act, not a word.”
~Jean-Paul Sartre~

Free Shipping on $175


Are You Addicted to the Food or the Ritual . . . Read more at IrresistibleIcing.com

A few weeks ago I was at the grocery store getting my weekly groceries which I like to call “weight loss ammunition.” If I don’t do my weekly shopping trip, I’m setting myself up to fail. I had packed my shopping cart with tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, chicken, milk, low fat cheese, water , etc. All the healthy and clean foods that I need in my kitchen to help me lose weight.

I had checked off my entire list and I finally noticed I had walked around the store at least 2 or 3 more times. It was as if someone had possessed my body and I didn’t even realize I was doing it!

I walked down the cookie aisle looking for something sweet that would satisfy my cravings.

Then I headed down the salty chip aisle looking for who knows what. I believe it was chocolate covered pretzels at the time.

I then walked down the baking aisle admiring all of the icing and cake mixes.

Then I headed over to the bakery where my biggest vice of all lives, butter cream icing. I stared at the gorgeous cupcakes and I’m pretty sure they winked back at me. They may have even called me by name.

I quickly left the bakery empty handed and kept circling around the store looking for something “healthy sweet” to fill my craving for icing.

Then, my logical side kicked in.

What in the world are you doing?! You’re not even hungry. You don’t have a sweet tooth. You’re not even craving anything sweet! You don’t even really want any icing right now.

That’s when it hit me.

Sometimes it’s more about the “ritual” than the actual food itself. Eating disorders and food rituals go hand in hand. This particular ritual for me is about going to the grocery store alone and knowing that I could sneak any food I want into my cart, eat it, and nobody is going to know. Of course, the food I would always “sneak” is covered in butter cream icing or just a tub of icing itself. It’s something I’ve done in the past without even thinking about. It’s a ritual.

I quickly snapped back into reality and headed to the check out lane with just the groceries I came for, without any icing or chocolate covered pretzels.

It was an epiphany for me because I noticed in the moment what I was doing. I noticed that I wasn’t even craving food but felt like I had to do it because I was alone and I could.

I challenge you to be in the moment when you’re ordering food or grocery shopping. Are there certain rituals that you catch yourself doing? Has it just become so normal to you that you don’t even notice?

Growth is about identifying these behaviors as they happen and making a positive choice once the bad behavior is on the table . . . sometimes quite literally.

Are you addicted to the ritual of the food or the food itself?

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.”
~Maya Angelou~


Hey there. I wanted to write a quick post to let you know where I’ve been. I didn’t post my weekly weight loss measurements and progress pics last week and I felt horrible about it. Before I knew it today was Thursday and I haven’t got around to it again. Yea, that’s 2 weeks in a row now.

My life has felt like a tornado the past 2 weeks and I feel like I’m trying to run away from it but I’m stuck in mud.

I noticed today that my anxiety was extremely high, I can’t focus, and I can’t get any work done. I feel like I’m running around on a hamster wheel.

I’m not centered

I’ve lost focus of my goals and I’m not feeling centered. When I don’t feel centered, I feel out of control. When I feel out of control, my anxiety kicks in and when that happens, depression isn’t far behind.

As I tend to do, I’ve been putting myself last. That means focusing on my meals plans, daily workouts, and meditations has taken a back seat. When I don’t do these things to take care of myself, I lose my center. I get caught up in the day to day BS and stop focusing on what I want.

I’m not going to post my pics and measurements today. It’s too late in the day and I still have a bunch of appointments to attend. What I do want to do is publicly own up to why I haven’t been posting them and recommit to you.

Set Your Itention for Today

I will commit to putting myself first and starting clean tomorrow morning. I will wake up early, do my meditations, exercise, eat a clean breakfast, and start my day with a clear mind. I will stay within my daily Points allowance.

I won’t wait until Monday.  I will start tomorrow. That I can do.

Never Stop Chasing Your Dream

I want to leave you with this motivational video I found today. It really motivated me to get back to prioritizing what’s important for my life to attain my dream. Whether it’s weight loss or a career that you are working towards, the road will have disappointments, failure, pain, and times where you want to just give up. That’s ok! What’s important is that you keep going and learn from those disappointments. No matter what’s going on right now, turn it around and make it an irresistible day!


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♥ In case you missed it, here are my weekly weight loss measurements and progress pictures.

♥  Plus Size Fashion: Four Plus Size Designers That Gives Us A Reason To Shop This Spring

2014 spring plus size fashion

♥ Retailer Lane Bryant To Collaborate With Fashion Designer Sophie Theallet On New Lingerie Collection

♥ Designer Lauren Moffatt Collaborates With ModCloth To Create Her First Ever Plus Size Dress. $427.99 for a dress? Um, no thanks!


Plus side model quotes from Cosmo.

“[Someone] told me that the entire time I was in makeup, the stylist had been clomping up and down the hall, sputtering into her cell phone, ‘I can’t believe I have to style a FAT GIRL!’ Believe it, bitch.”

♥  The thigh gap is so overrated anyways. Target Is Now in the Lead for Worst Photoshop Job Ever With This Horrifying Thigh Gap

♥ Over at Irresistible Pet’s this week, Chuy’s Back Problems are Back. 

Have an irresistible weekend!

“Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.”
~Bill Watterson~


Easy Weight Watchers Dinner Idea for Busy People at IrresistibleIcing.com

I’m a busy working woman so the last thing I want to do after a day of designing and writing all day is camp out in my kitchen cooking dinner.  However, to stay within my Weight Watchers Points range, it’s important that I prepare the majority of my meals at home where I know exactly what’s going into my food. We still eat out but I try to limit the number of times per week.

Since I hate cooking, it’s imperative that the meals I prepare are quick and EASY! I’m not going to waste a lot of my time creating things from scratch if there’s an easier but healthy solution.

Easy Weight Watchers Dinner Idea for Busy People

Last night I made this for dinner. It was a total of 10 Points and it was irresistible, filling, quick, and Weight Watchers friendly! It took me about 20 minutes to prepare everything which included a “homemade sauce” that I created for the fish.

Easy Weight Watchers Dinner Idea for Busy People


I know there are a lot of processed food haters out there and I do try to limit the amount of processed foods we eat. However, it’s a busy world and like I mentioned I don’t have the time in the day to always prepare these things from scratch. It’s still healthy and within my points range, so I consider this a keeper! I recommend if you’re cooking anything processed (i.e. from a box), always through in some fresh vegetables or fruit if you can!

Gorton’s Roasted Garlic and Italian Herb Fish Fillets

Each filet is 4 points.  These are already seasoned so all you do is pop them in the oven for about 15 minutes or so.

Gortons Roasted Garlic and Italian Herb

Minute Rice Ready To Serve Cups

I always eat some sort of carb with my protein and brown rice is a perfect pairing with fish. I always keep Minute Rice Ready to Serve Cups in my pantry for quick meals. Each cup is 4 points and takes about 30 seconds to heat up in the microwave.

Minute Ready to Serve Rice Cups

Fresh Express Cesar Salad Kit

Yes, I could buy the individual ingredients to make this salad but again it comes back to TIME! I prefer the lite version of this salad kit but my grocery store never seems to carry it. The serving size is 2.5 cups of salad for 4 points. I cut my portion to 1 cup for 2 points.

fresh express caesar salad weight watchers

Homemade Crema de Cilantro

I HAVE to eat fish with some sort of lime flavored sauce. I tend to make things up as a I go in the kitchen and I created this delicious low point sauce. All you do is mix together fat free sour cream, lime juice, and Goya Cilantro cooking base . The Goya cooking base replaces a lot of time you would spend blending cilantro, green peppers, onion, garlic, and olive oil. This is another staple in my kitchen! The sauce is 1 point for 2 tbsp but I only ate 1 tbsp for 0 points.

Homemade Crema de Cilantro


This took me a total of about 20 minutes to prepare dinner and it was irresistibly delicious! Even my husband said this was a keeper! I’m definitely adding this to our weekly menu!

What type of meals do you prepare when life is hectic and busy?

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Happy St Patricks Day - IrresistibleIcing

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♥ In case you missed it, here are my week eight weight loss measurements and progress pictures.

♥ The Tipsy Leprechaun Drink. This sounds like a fun drink!

The Tipsy Leprechaun Drink for St Paddys Day

DIY Pet Projects for St. Patrick’s Day from Irresistible Pets


Kiss Me, I’m Irish cake from Studio DIY.


 Hidden Pot of Gold Brownie Cups from Pizzazzerie


Stay Golden St Patrick’s Day Gift idea from Night Owl Blog


♥ St Patrick’s Day Outfit ideas from Polyvore

st patricks day outfit ideas

St Patrick’s Day Eye Makeup from Her Campus

st patricks day eye makeup

May your blessings outnumber
The Shamrocks that grow
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.


Warning: If you’re looking for an upbeat, positive post, this is NOT it! This is a blog about my REAL journey with weight loss and binge eating. I don’t sugar coat anything unless it’s a cupcake.

I almost threw in the towel today with my weekly measurements and progress pics. The last thing I wanted to do was broadcast to the world that I’m a big fat failure. But, it’s these moments of vulnerability that I struggle with the most and so it’s therapeutic for me to share them because you just might be going through the same situation. I’m starting to think that I can’t get this weight off without a medical intervention.

I didn’t post my stats last week because I was traveling on business and literally in meetings from 7:30am until 9pm every single day. Plus factor in getting ready, working after work, and dealing with ALL of my websites crashing. I was exhausted! I ate good the first 2 days and then the last 2 days I did over indulge. Couple that with not having time to work out and it was a recipe for disaster. Plus, traveling just makes me feel like shit.

I had a major melt down two days before I left for the trip which started by me leaving the mall, tears streaming down my face and barely making it in my house before I let it all out. I was pleading to my husband that I feel so lost and don’t know how to do this anymore and that I need help. I love him to death but he had no idea how to handle that.

I knew better than to go out and try on clothes for my trip. The problem is that nothing fits that I currently own.


I lost my shit because I let myself go AGAIN and like always I’ve been in denial about how much weight I’ve put on. Geeezussssss. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this situation.  I’m really starting to feel like a broken record. How many times does a person have to lose and gain the same 30 lbs before they are declared clinically insane? It’s at least how I feel about this situation. I don’t understand what is driving me to keep gaining the weight after I work so effing hard to lose it. I desperately need to see a therapist again but with our new health care plan, it’s too expensive. These health care plans with a high deductible do not help anyone! I was really making big strides in my journey when I had someone to talk to every week. I really miss that support system. Don’t even get me started on that right now. Ugh.

Anyways. I don’t know if taking measurements is really even helping anymore. The longer I go without weighing myself, the more anxiety I have about ever stepping on the scale again. I. just. can’t. do. it. In my mind, I’m terrified that I’ll weigh as much as I did in my “Medusa” days like these pics from 2000.

My Story - Medusa

I’m pretty much just frustrated and disgusted with myself right now.

The last time I took measurements was 2-27 and they were DOWN. 2 weeks later here I am and they are UP. WTF!

I don’t even know what to do anymore about this shit. I didn’t work out any last week. I’ve walked 3 times this week but nothing intensive like the Shred. I feel like if I don’t track/weigh/measure my food every single day/every single bite and workout intensely each day, the weight literally comes right back on like a magnet. I don’t get it. It’s never been this fucking hard.

Weekl 8 Measurments

Week 8 Progress Pics

Is it really this hard for everyone?

I know it seems like I’m bitching but I need to vent. It’s not fucking fair that this has to be the number one priority in my life over every thing else. It’s not fair that I can’t go a week without working out and gain weight. It’s not fair that I keep putting myself through this hell. I just want to be able to throw on a plain t shirt and jeans and not look and feel like a busted can of biscuits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it’s probably an excuse to say I need help or a support system in order to do this. Maybe it’s not. I don’t know. But for now, this blog is my support system and I thank you for reading my posts and helping me along with this journey.

“Any experience can be transformed into something of value. Everything depends on the way you look at things. You cannot have the success without the failures.”


Phentermine Addiction - IrresistibleIcing.com

I have a confession to make.

I haven’t always been successful at losing weight entirely on my own.

  • Did I count points? Yes!
  • Did I workout daily? Yes!
  • Did I eat clean? Yes!

BUT, I can’t sit here and take all of the credit.

I always promised to be open and honest on my blog and I felt like it was time to share something with you.

Most (not all) of the times that I lost a good chunk of weight (no pun intended lol), I did it with some help.

I did it with Phentermine.

My best friend in weight loss was Phentermine, a RX weight loss drug that suppresses your appetite and works directly with the part of your brain that craves food.  Since it’s a legal RX drug, I never thought about the fact that I might be addicted to it. After gaining and losing weight so many times in my life, I had sort of given up hope that I could do it alone.

I’ll Start Over on Monday

I don’t know that I was truly addicted to Phentermine so much as I was addicted to the ritual of “starting over” and beginning a new weight loss plan.  There’s an intense ritual behind that “start over on Monday” mentality where you throw out all your food, eat until you burst and commit to NEVER binge again! That entire process deserves its own post for a later time.

Medical Weight Loss Programs

I’ve been a patient at almost every medical weight loss clinic in town. You basically go in, they take your vitals, blood, EKG, measurements, and weight. They prescribe you Phentermine, water pills, vitamins, and even weekly B12 shots to help you lose weight. There were even times I was a patient at two different weight loss clinics at the same damn time so I could get two RX.  I even got “officially” kicked out (certified letter and all) of my gynecologist’s office for fighting with a nurse about not refilling my RX. Seriously.  True story.

glitter injection

At the time, I thought nothing about what I was doing. I thought because it was prescribed and closely monitored by a doctor, it was perfectly ok. I’m not saying that medical weight loss is wrong either. It does work and it can be long lasting. However, it all goes back to fixing the problems from the inside out. It’s truly a matter of personal choice and what works for YOU.

Now, looking back I see my need to “start over on Monday” with a new medical weight loss regimen as reckless behavior. Replacing one addiction (food) for the feeling of another (phentermine).

Turn the Cravings Off!

When I took Phentermine, I felt amazing . . . euphoric actually. It makes me feel like I can accomplish anything! I had so much energy and the strength to say no to virtually any food that wasn’t good for me.

It’s like it turned off that little switch in my brain that craves the icing, the sugar, the 2nd serving, the cheeseburger and fries. Phentermine made me feel like a person actually in charge of my choices. It made me look at food as just that, food . . . . something you need for energy and survival. For someone that’s never known what it’s like to not attach emotions to food, this pill was heavenly. It made me feel normal.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that I’ve gained back the weight every single time I’ve come off of Phentermine. It’s a slow creep but it eventually ALL comes back and sometimes more.

WHY We Emotionally Eat in the First Place

A pill cannot fix years and years of beliefs, processes, and actions about food and body image.  It’s a false sense of hope. It cannot be long lasting until you take a look at WHY you’re doing these things in the first place.

We do not emotionally eat to fuel our bodies. We emotionally eat to cover up feelings and emotions that we really don’t want to deal with or even acknowledge. Our brains can even be so powerful as to “black out” traumatic events in our lives causing us to subconsciously abuse food. These are heavy, heavy issues that need to be dealt with by a licensed therapist.

Losing Weight Drug Free!

This year, losing weight has felt so different. For the past 2 months, I couldn’t quite put a finger on it. Then it hit me that I’m finally doing this ALONE, free of phentermine or any type of medical weight loss program. I’m not taking any weight loss drugs or any RX for that matter. There are days when it just feels so hard to say no and ignore that constant craving and sluggish feeling. However, I know that if I keep going, eat clean, and workout consistently, those feelings will diminish. The weight is coming off but it’s a slow process. You have to remember that it’s the little actions that turn into successes.

When those urges come, I go for a walk, make a green smoothie, or divert my attention else where. Does it always work? NO of course not! BUT, I’m consciously making the effort and recognizing the behavior.

Losing weight, especially if you have any type of eating disorder is not easy. It’s hard. It’s tough. It fucking sucks. BUT, as cliché as it sounds, just take it ONE day at a time. ONE meal at time if you have to! Baby steps are still steps and eventually you’ll get where you need to be . . . even if you go off course.

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”